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Hey ppl.

This aint any post bout selling any items or anything, but
sling90 and I were chatting through comments, and we kinda came up with an idea for having an Arashi concert here in SG. Hopefully it might work, we're not sure, but it might be a good attempt, or 'experience'.

I realised that the font was quite small, so I made it bigger. Seems that in the middle of editing/adding on, things kinda became screwed up. =/ I'll edit it another time. Rather busy now. Gomen. =(

However, if theres anyone who wont mind helping me with the posting and arranging of stuff and all, do tell me alright. I greatly appreciate it!

Random update (I'm gonna put it into the cut when I have the time): Just a note to let you guys know that I've sent an email to KE, asking them when they are going to hold another Jap concert, and what it takes to hold Jap concerts. Nothing specific yet. I'll probably recieve a reply earliest by Monday only. Will update again. It's already Tues, but they haven't replied. =( If they still don't reply soon, I'll send them another email. Bye for now. =)

Sorry I haven't been able to update these days! I have read all comments already though, don't worry! Give me a couple of days to settle my things and to get back on track alright! I've been busy. And I'm going have to not touch this unless I've done my work for the day. So this is going to be my motivation for finishing up my work. If not I'll never get any done. =/ (This is going to be taken down when I'm done updating and all!)

Updated (3rd or 4th time!)! Under the cut. :D

I'm sure all Arashi fans know by now that this is their 10th year anniversary, and there are talks about them having a tour around Asia to celebrate it.

Well, what better opportunity to invite them other than this? (Omg, this sounds like an advertisement ._.)

Anyway, you know how Arashi loves to have fun in their concerts right? They have like portable stages so that they can move around their concert area. Any place at Sg is too small for that, unfortunately, but we do have one unique place - the floating platform at Marina! I'm sure that's gonna be something really unique for them. And they'll have fun! Right here in Sg! (They do love food also right? ;D)

Right now, these are the sparce details, so we're not really sure how it will work out, but the thing is, we cant do it by ourselves, just the both of us. And besides, we dont know Jap, sadly, so we'd need help also, like maybe to translate stuff into Jap if needed, and thats quite a probability. (We were thinking of sending an email to Johnny's.)

We're really not very sure and all yet, but at the same time, really hope that Arashi might be able to come down for a concert.

Any questions or comments will be greatly appreciated! That way, we'll be able to confirm and have more details, how to go about doing it and stuff, and at the same time, you'd be part of the organising committee! :D Non-LJ members can join in also! =D And do spread this around k!

Seems like nothing right now, but let's give it a try shall we? Ganbette! =D

EDIT: I cant say how elated I am to see all the replies and support! Arigatou! Now, I need help for suggestions on how to contact the related authorities (or even better, Arashi themselves 8D) and also ideas for why they should come down to SG. I mean, they cant receive just one letter with only the sentence 'We invite Arashi to come to SG for a concert on the floating platform cos it'll be fun.' right? Lol. Ideas please, ppl! I have a lot of ppl saying that they support this but I need ideas as well! Onegaishimas! I'll gladly compile them when I have the time! I was thinking maybe there are official forums where Arashi will read or something? Maybe someone can actually have a forum there and mention this? That'll be a way to let them know of this right? But it being an official forum, I suppose someone who knows Jap will be a great help?

Also, just a note to all, I'll be having my exams soon in about 2-3 weeks, so I cant afford to be doing this 24/7. =( I'll really really appreciate it if anyone offers to help! Drop a comment! =D

Good luck to all those in poly, exams are coming. Ganbette!

EDIT 2: My inbox has been flooded with the comments the whole night! Yay! Thanks for the support! And thanks lots for all the ideas! They are good, and I'm intending to use everyone I can.

Replying each comment one by one is going to be tedious, so I'm putting everything here together. Do correct me if anything is wrong, or if you have any other suggestions. ;D

First, to clear up the floating platform (FP) thingy. It was suggested because it is a unique place for a concert. We all know how much fun Arashi loves to have during their concerts, since they always seem to be running all over the concert hall or something. So since we cant compete with others for space, let's bring things to a whole new level/experience. ;D That said, while I was thinking over about this, FP might not be all that feasible after all, cause we're not sure what Arashi will do, and if the FP meets the expectations to suit their needs. Also, looking at our weather, which is like super humid and hot and God knows when it'll rain, the FP is open space so that means no aircon so maybe JE/Arashi might not want it? Also, it's like 'exposed', so ppl also can get free show, which would not be economical for the company. ._. Looking at all these, I think it's best we leave it to whoever's the authority in arranging the venue ba. We can always put in our suggestions and let them decide. =D

Added! Another thing about the FP people have been bringing up is that Arashi likes getting close to fans and if that would be a problem if the FP is really used. Well, I've been to the FP myself before, and to be honest (though I'm not perfectly sure), there is a gap, and a stretch of road between the FP and where the audience will be seated. However, I think that can be solved, like maybe have this brigde connecting the the FP and land. No promises though. That wil take calculation and stuff. We wouldnt want any of them falling right? Again, that will be left to the organisers to decide, and whether the FP will be used at all is also not confirmed in the first place. One more thing, I'm sure everybody has seen the stands for the FP before, someway or another. They are actually quite steep (I think), and the space is actually quite small. So if you wanna dance and all around the place, better be careful. That will be another point the the organisers will think about I'm sure. And pardon me if I'm thinking too much ;D, but as much as we dont want anything to happen to Arashi during their concert, I'm sure they dont want anything to happen to us also.  :D

It is mentioned that we get a local organiser to help us organise. I agree with that. Yes, it's true that a company will be taken more seriously than a bunch of fangirls (half of who dont know Jap =/), so in this case, let's have Kosmic Entertainment (KE). They are the ones who brought in Misia in before so they definitely have that expertise. Another person mentioned asking other organisers as well, but let's not do that. KE will do, they know Jap and all, and I dont think that the others have ever done anything from the Jap market. Thanks for the suggestion though. =)
saladesu thanks for looking up that stuff about contacting Johnny for me, but seems that we'll go through KE now ba. =D One point to include in the proposal can be that Sg will be the stepping stone into the SEA market. (Just a note before I forget later on.)

However, I think that even if we are going to ask KE for help, let's do up a proper proposal. Give them faith that this will not fail. Kinda like a business proposal you know. (I see a few Business students here! ;D) Tell them that there is this bunch of fangirls waiting for Arashi to come over, not counting the Japanese population here. Also, being in the center of SEA, even if Singapore has too little ppl to attend, we have our neighbours! ;D Already there is one who said that she will come if Arashi is here! :D I'm sure there will be more! We have at least 3 countries to 'fall back' on. Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. On a serious note, let's get the statistics alright? Can someone help to do up a survey? Include questions like ages of girls (?), the preferred period of time (but this we cant really decide cos it depends on when Arashi does the tour also right? All we can do is to point out the timings that might help to boost sales, or the exam period.), the average price we can afford to pay (most of us are students) and stuff related. The above points were taken from
spiderpig.raitokira's comment has some really good points. Refer to that. I've got no ideas now, but I'll add more some other time. Need help for this!

A petition has been mentioned several times, so I think we can do it, though I somehow dont quite like that. To me, a petition kinda means something negative, like protesting. That's just me, so you can ignore that. Haha. Back to the topic, yea, we can have one, to show the number of people who will consider going for the concert if Arashi comes down. Include people who are willing to come down from overseas too.We'd need help to spread the word, 'globally'.   Also, it'd be a great help if anyone knows anyone from the Jap community in Sg. I'm sure they'd be super enthu about it lah, since they dont have so many chances to meet them now that they are here. The main thing is to spread the word ppl! Another point I need help on. I have to stress though, that this petition will not be one of the main points. It's just a back up for the proposal. Stats to prove our point.

EDIT 3: For now, let's just get the suport of as many fans as possible. With that, we at least have the numbers to support what we want, rather than to propose to KE empty handed. I'm sure every hopes that the prices of the tickets wont be too high, but I cant really gurantee that either =( I doubt it'll be too high, but I dont think it'll be that cheap either. The thing is, they really are holding a concert when that happens, and we don't know when's the next time they are gonna come back right?

Someone mentioned about having a forum or community on its own to discuss this. I;m sorry, but I don't have the time to actually proceed with it, like the admin, profile and what not to deal with. If someone wants to do it, go ahead though. Just let me know. But for now, I think this is still adequate, and what's more, the comments and everything are here already. Maybe when things are more organised/finalised, then will I go create something. We'll see =)

Stuff I'd need help with so far:
A draft of a survey we can use to determine statistics, and 
An online petition to be set up.

Do let me know if you can help alright! Either leave a comment, or drop me a msg. Also, if you have any solutions to any of the problems I have raised, do comment also k! Silly thought or whatever, just 'jolt' them down first. They might be something good! ;D

Any other comments or corrections or anything AT ALL, just let me know. I'll see how to go about doing it. =)

I'm afraid I can't handle this for now, with my papers coming up next week. I'll be back when my papers are over. That way, I'll have more time to this, and make it more organised as well. Sorry! I'll probably type out another new post, but keep this cos of the comments. I don't know. We'll see how then. I'll be back two weeks later. In the meantime, spread the word if you will, or just wait till things are back on track.


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