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[mod post] Updates about JEFC_SG

Hello Singaporean JE fans!

rainbowfied_at/Liyin here, you may have known me from the yamaxkaze comm. I was actually silently appointed as the moderator for this comm sometime last year as I volunteered myself to help newsfangirl since she was a personal friend of mine (we were in the same class in school! SO AWESOME TO MEET A FELLOW FAN GIRL IN CLASS I TELL YA)

Apologies for not making any official post about it, the information in this community's profile page however was updated, so there ought to be no problems finding who was the current moderator(s) if there were any problems.

A few things to address,

1. No sales post is allowed in this community
We have another community dedicated for JE sales in Singapore, sg_jesales. Please be aware of the rules there before posting. SALES POST FOUND IN THIS COMMUNITY WILL BE DELETED WITHOUT ANY NOTICE OR WARNING. Giveaways are allowed but preferbably done in the sales community too.

2. Linking with Singapore based communities
Through out the years there are more and more local based communities for individual Johnny's groups. A big thank you for still using JEFC_SG as a platform to connect fans in Singapore through your events! I've decided to add your communities under the 'links' section found in our sidebar.

If you're not comfortable with us linking, please comment in this post to let me know. If I've missed your community and you would like to be included under the links section, do comment and let me know too!

3. Layout/Header picture contest (sometime in June)
It's been at least 5 years old(?) for our header picture. We now have additional Johnny's groups and our header picture is stuck at Hey! Say! JUMP being the latest. I will post another separate entry for this sometime in June. So this is just a heads up to whoever is interested in designing and contributing!

That's all for now!
Suggestions are welcome! Please comment if you have any suggestions or questions!


Recruiting layout header picture !

As the title goes, I'm looking for an image to change our header because it's outdated!

How to submit?
Just upload your header picture to any image or file hosting website, copy the direct link and leave it in the comments! Please leave your email address too! Comments will be screened.

4 July Sat, 23:59


  1. Must contain the words "Johnny's Entertainment Fan Club Singapore" in any style or acronym (e.g JEFCSG/ JE FC SG/ JEFC SG/ JE fanclub SG/ JE FC Singapore etc.)

  2. Must contain all the Johnny's groups names, from SMAP to Johnny's WEST (SMAP, TOKIO, Kinki Kids, V6, Arashi, Tackey & Tsubasa, NEWS, Kanjani8, KAT-TUN, Hey! Say! JUMP, Kis-My-Ft2, Sexy Zone, A.B.C-Z, Johnny's WEST) excluding Johnny's Jr & Kansai Johnny's Jr . It does not need to be in an order of seniority.

  3. Solo artists such as Yamashita Tomohisa and Nakayama Yuma are allowed but not compulsory

  4. No artists photos are allowed in the design

  5. Additional text or images (which are not the artists themselves) are allowed

  6. A public poll will be set up on 5 July if there are more than 1 submission, else the only submission would be accepted

  7. No watermark is allowed on the image, you will be credited accordingly in the profile page

  8. Any dimension of the image is acceptable, however it will be resized to 800px x 500px to fit this theme. Discussions can be further made if your submission is selected.

  9. If any inappropriate content is found in your image, I will contact you and discuss about the changes to be made. However there will be no extension of deadline

I previously mentioned that this would be a contest but then I realised I don't have prizes for the selected submission, so this is just going to be a fan contribution! ^^ Questions and suggestions are welcome! Do leave them in the comments if you have any!
shige is an angel



It's been a long time since i've posted something up here and i would am sure that there are new members of the JE fandom that joined us recently.
FIRST OF ALL, as the moderator of jefc_sg  i would like to represent all of us here in this comm and have a BIGGGGG WELCOME for all of you. *APPLAUSE*
To get things started, it has always been a tradition for us to have introduction posts in this comm so that we make new friends in the fandom and have someone to flail or go kyaaaa at our boys together in this very small country of ours. >< You can even make friends with the fangirls in your school that you never knew that they existed. (HOHO. like me. ><)
So for starters, here my introduction:

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Members who have always been here, it would be nice to see all of your familiar usernames again so feel free to join in this introduction post too.♥ 

Here's the template(you can do it your way too. it's totally up to you. just have fun and make more friends! :D):
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Glad to see that this comm is still active. ^^
Sorry for the huge SPAM of sales post recently as the mod team was also busy with their RL matters. But no worries, we are back again and we will definitely continue making this comm a great space for you fangirls(and boys ><) to discuss about your favourite boys. (:

First things first,
A huge WELCOME to all new JE fans out there. Welcome to our fandom~ ^^ and also, thanks to all who kept this comm active and alive. We couldn't have done it without you all. THANKS A MILLION!

We have specifically told you all there no SALES posts are allowed in here anymore. and all SALES posts should be directed to sg_jesales . That comm was specially made for you all so do follow the rules and post all your SALES posts there instead.

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I need your feedback on improving our comm. Positive or negative feedback are greatly appreciated! Do leave a comment below so we can know how we can improve! ^^

Thanks for reading!

newsfangirl (:



[info]jefc_sg  is adding affiliates!
If you have a fan club or webpage of a particular JE group in SINGAPORE and you wanna be added as an affiliate, please leave a comment below! ^^

The purpose of this is to direct Singapore JE fangirls to their specific groups in SG. =D



[DISCUSSION] - How did you get that username?/Which is your favourite JE group and why?


This comm has been dead for awhile and i decided to start a new discussion that may last a few days =D

Qn: HOW DID YOU GET THAT USERNAME(of cos ur username ^^)? 

This is for all the bored ppl(including me >.<) who have nothing to do and would like to share something with us. ^^

Here's mine:

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Still, im calling out to those who wanna contribute sth. icons, wallpapers, your art stuff, mp3 rips(thanks kurogin  for the puzzle album and quiz show ost ^^), mag scans. so on and so forth.
Make this comm alive again. XD
Oh right. It'll be great if you all can go for gatherings and meet-up with each other. You'll find new friends/fangirls and they are really nice people around Singapore. =D
I'm a bit too naggy. have fun commenting! ^^

Movie Gathering Confirmed.

Movie: Dance Subaru
Date: 8th June 2009(MONDAY)
Time: 1.00pm
Place: Cineleisure Orchard

We will be meeting at Somerset MRT. The movie starts at 2.10pm so we meet 1 hr earlier to talk(get to noe each other) and get tickets first. ^^

Those who wanna go, please leave a comment below =DDD 

I will also be organising one for Akai Ito when it premieres. >.<



For the past month, i have been telling people not to post sales post here.
From this post onwards, all sales posts will be DELETED IMMEDIATELY once i see them. No more warnings will be given.

Please post all sales posts to[info]sg_jesales. We made a community specially for sales so that this comm won't be flooded with sales posts so yeah, post your sales posts there and remember to tag.

Thank you for taking time to read this =D


Please help keep the comm alive~


I have been clearing out old posts and i found posts on self introduction and stuff. =DD
So, to keep this comm alive, start sharing how you got into JE! ^^

For starters,

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Oh! Btw, sharing of scans/videos/fanart/anything japanese/anything je/anything singapore is encouraged. I don't mind having new discussions everyday! Let's keep this comm alive! =DDD