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Anyone going down for the Red Carpet event for Nazotoki wa Dinner no ato de's premiere tomorrow?

Hi all.. I'm new to this comm and am not sure if this post is allowed. If it's not, I'll delete it.

Anyway, I didn't win the tickets for Nazotoki wa Dinner no ato de's premiere but am going for the Red Carpet. My friend decided not to go and I'll be alone.. It's kind of boring to be there alone so I'm wondering if there's anyone who's going down alone too and don't mind making a new friend (ie. me). I've been an arashi fan (ichiban: sho kun) for around 4 years and am not very young (29).

Please PM or reply to this post if interested. ^^

Registration Form For Popcorn DVD Screening

Calling for all interested fans and Arashists!

Please proceed to register here >

We have prepared some games and attractive prizes(leave this up to your imagination,but don't so high2 the expectations..xD) to be won!! ;DD There's even door gifts yo~ ufufufufu~~ :BBB So,spread them around ne,lets POP TOGETHER FOR ARASHI! :)) LOL

Poll For Popcorn DVD Screening

Attention to all Arashists!! We're planning to hold a Popcorn Screening,if possible :))

So please go here to vote for the poll,we need to know if many will be interested >

Do vote if you want to make it happen! Spread it around after to people who would be interested to go for this ^_^ Thank you! :))
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ARAFES DVD Screening Registration Updates

Calling ALL Arashists and JE Fans who are interested~! Please do register,here are the updated details at the moment,we need more people to join,so do spread the word~! ^-^

Date: 12th January
Time: 12pm-4pm
Place: nEbO Hub @ AMK Hub
Deadline for registration: Tentatively by Monday,7th January,but we do need more people,the place can fit a maximum number of 40 people so do join us,plus the cost will also decided by how many people attend,so please do spread the word about this event more~! :DD 

Link to register >