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Massu 28th Birthday Giveaway contest!

It is nearly July and MassuShige have something to announce!!

To celebrate the birthdays of our 2 July babies, sg_paanas will be giving away shop photos absolutely free! sg_paanas will pay for all mailing costs! ^^

First up is Massu's Birthday giveaway, and we will be giving away 3 sets of shop photos!

To find out how to win, please visit our community HERE

Thanks for reading and we hope to see lots of responses!! \^o^/

Yamapi's Bday gift

Hope this is not too early or too late,

I'm wondering if jefc_sg will be interested to send a birthday gift to Yamashita kun for his coming bday.
This can be a way to let them know there is a fan base in singapore
It has to be something simple and self made??  cause i think they only accept gifts like cards or letters...

So what do you think?

Anyone interested?

Pls give some suggestion as to what we can send or if this is plausible.
Cause its my first time doing this, i have no idea how it will work out

To mods: i hope this is allowed and that i have tagged correctly. Really sorry if i have not and have added more to yeh work load