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Giving away stuffs I'm unable to sell as I'm moving very soon. No limit as to the stuff you are able to choose. You can take all if you want to, or just choose a few you wanted. However, the priority would be given to those who can meet me asap at my convenience, at bukit batok/clementi.

Hey!Say!JUMP JUMP World Album (TW ver.)
Hey!Say!JUMP Super Delicate LE A
Hey!Say!JUMP Magic Power LE A
Hey!Say!JUMP Over LE B
Hey!Say!JUMP Hitomi no Screen LE
Hey!Say!JUMP Arigatou ~Sekai ni Doko no Itemo~ LE
Hey!Say!JUMP Romeo and Juliet RE
Hey!Say!JUMP Your Seed/Bouken Rider RE
Hey!Say!JUMP Dreams Come True RE
Hey!Say!JUMP Mayonaka no Shadow Boy RE
Hey!Say!JUMP 2012-2013 Calendar
Hey!Say!JUMP Asia First Tour 2012 Photobook
Hey!Say!JUMP 10nin poster (not sure when)

Please email me at kousatendays@gmail.com or tweet me @elisaclifford as I do not log in often.
∞ my love for you will never change

giveaway for sg only

hello je fans! i used to liked je groups a lot and i actually have a lot of items that i really dont want them neglected on my shelfs anymore. i was looking around for a place to sell them however i saw a post in this comm doing a giveaway, and i was inspired to do so too, so that these could be given to people who'll really appreciate them :D

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Dialovers: Kanato
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[postcard project] pursuing johnny to bring jump to singapore

Some fans and i have decided on this project in hopes that Hey!Say!JUMP would have a tour in Singapore too.
This does not guarantee that they'll definitely come but at least this would allow Johnny-san to notice Singapore at the same time as well.

For more details and info go over here --> http://anmeke.livejournal.com/121212.html

AMA’JE’NG Race ~ Race for your Idols, Race for Charity: AN UPDATE

Due to the poll results we received, we have decided to POSTPONE it!! –applause-


The reason why we still decide to go ahead with this in the end is because we reckoned that it would be a good platform to unite ALL the JE supporters in SG! <3 If we decide to go ahead with other projects, we might have a problem settling on a location, and/or if we were to collect money for sales of idol stuff, it’s gonna be quite messy with posts appearing everywhere, some payment problems, etc.


Thus, I shall present you with the REVISED DETAILS of the Race!


Date: 16 April 2011, Saturday (subject to changes)

Time: 1pm – 6pm (Registration starts at 12.30pm, Game commences at 1pm sharp)

Meeting Point: Esplanade Park

Fee: SGD$5.00 (ALL proceeds will be donated to Mercy Relief)

Getting excited yet!? Before your mind starts racing about the possibilities and fun, here’s the information:


The games will be all JE-related. Just for sneak peeks, the games will involve trivia from almost all the JE groups such as: SMAP, Kinki Kids, TOKIO, V6, Tackey and Tsubasa, ARASHI, NewS, KAT-TUN, Kanjani8 and Hey! Say! JUMP (sub-group ‘NYC’ included)


Just a note here, understanding some of you may be worried about being separated from your friends during the shuffling. Let me assure you that we will allow you to pick your team of 4. But at the same time if you could not meet the requirement, we will try arranging people of the same fandom or other fandom in your group vice versa as some of the stations will be based on different JE artistes and we are afraid that your team might encounter difficulty in a particular station.

We will also assure you that the stations will be within walking distances.


HOW can I register for the event?

It’s quick and easy! Simply email your details in the format listed below and send it to: yamaxkaze@gmail.com


 Format (kindly ensure your details are done according to the order form below):




LJ username:

Fan of: (List the group/s you support here)

The number of ppl coming along with you:(If you are registering on behalf of your friend. Kindly state their name and LJ username if any)

Contact number:

Payment method: Bank transfer/Meetup (Kindly choose only one option)


Payment for participation will be collected days before the event. Kindly let us know your preference so that our administrative side will use their JE powers to discern what is the fastest and no-fuss way for you to make your payment!




Johnny's Entertainment Fundraising Initiative

Hi All

I guess most of you should have known that JE artistes have appeared on our local papers yet again. This time is about the 'Marching J' event.

With that i shall present you with the translated version of this article.

Touted as the 'Idols' Empire' in Japan, Johnny's Entertainment has finally begun a brand new initiative to aid in fundraising efforts, after the super quake which happened in Eastern Japan.
'Marching J', consisting of participation from all 83 artistes under Johnny's Entertainment, will champion a 3-day fundraising event starting from today, at Tokyo's Yoyogi National 1st Gymnasium. This is to appeal to fans from all over Japan to do their best to contribute generously to the quake relief efforts.

'March' in 'Marching J' stands for 'moving forward' and it also means the month of March, while 'J' represents 'Johnny's'. Put these two words together, and it means 'Johnny's will continue to march along with Japan towards the path to recovery'.

The leader of the 'Marching J' initiative is none other than the 46 year-old most-respected JE (Johnny's Entertainment) artiste, Masahiko Kondo (left). Raring along with him are famous groups such as Shounentai, SMAP, ARASHI, NEWS, etc. These 27 groups totalling to 83 artistes will participate in the biggest event in JE history, since its establishment in 1962.
Member of popular group V6, Inohara Yoshihiko, and former KAT-TUN member, Jin Akanishi, will not be participating in the event, citing work reasons.

Just for today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, from 10am to 6pm Japan time, JE artistes will begin the fundraising event at Yoyogi National 1st Gymnasium. The artistes will be arranged in slots and each slot will consist of at least 10 artistes, to talk to the fans and give verbal encouragement to spur them to donate more. These will be restricted strictly to talks only and no performances will be allowed during their appearances.

Johnny's spokesperson also expressed that such fundraising efforts will be held monthly, which might be a bid to make up for criticisms against the agency for delaying and not doing their best to help in the quake relief efforts earlier on.

Johnny's Entertainment also announced that they will be holding a charity baseball match in Tokyo Dome on 29th May. Parts of the proceeds from ticket sales will go to charity for the relief efforts as well.

01 April, 2011

Translation credits to

An AMA 'JE' NG RACE ~ A JE Singapore Fan Project For Japan Quake Relief

On March 11, around 1.46pm Singapore time, an earthquake of magnitude 9.0 shook in the North Eastern side of Tokyo, bringing along a huge tsunami, which devastated mainly Sendai and Miyagi prefectures, causing death toll of more than 8000 people to date.

In such trying times, many people have joined in the relief efforts to help reduce the food, water and electricity shortage. Johnny’s Entertainment has also joined in the efforts, offering their concert equipment transportation trucks to send necessities to the people in need as well.


All of the fanbases of the various groups under Johnny’s Entertainment in Singapore would like to unite among ourselves and join in the donation drive, so that we could do our part for charity. It is not going to be a stress on your finances, I assure you, so read on for more details!
Introducing: AMA’JE’NG Race ~ Race for your idols, Race for charity
Getting excited yet!? Before your mind starts racing about the possibilities and fun, here’s the information:
Date: 9 April 2011, Saturday (subject to changes)
Time: 1pm – 6pm (Registration starts at 12.30pm, Game commences at 1pm sharp)
Meeting Point: Esplanade Park
Fee: SGD$5.00 (ALL proceeds will be donated to Mercy Relief)

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Jpop dance class

Hi I am posting this on behalf of my sensei. Come join us!

Great news for fans of J-pop music, let's groove and dance with your favourite JE music in our J-pop classes!
Beginners are welcome; we start with easy steps and catch up real choreography as well.

The J-pop Dance Class will be held once a week every Saturday, by an energetic and Japanese dance instructor MEG,who has a rich experience performing for hiphop, jazz for many years.

Date : Every Saturday
Time : 3:30-4:30pm
Venue : Dance on Us (Orchard)

If you are interested, please send an email to meg-dance.sg@hotmail.com with the title including the following details (COMPULSORY):

Name/ Race/ Gender/ Occupation/ Tel. No./ Email Address

Instructor introduction

Dancing since the age of 3, MEG was introduced to the world of ballet in the early years of her childhood.

At age 16, she discovered a brand new dance groove and gradually fell in love with it - Hip hop & Jazz through Amuro Namie, SPEED, trf etc. Since she came to Singapore 2007, she has participated in many stages and competition such as LIME dance audition, SAFRA show,HTC mobile promotion event, SCAPE opening event, 1 or 8 Fiction dance battle, also be in charged of choreography for Bachelor Party 2010 by CLEO magazine.